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Revolutionize what a dining experience can be.​



A universal space, where someone with a culinary concept, can have the security of a full time job, yet also have the flexibility of a part-time job. A space where anyone with a passion for food, can challenge themselves and dedicate the free time they have, to pursuing their passion and perhaps creating a profitable full or part time business for themselves.



We have the space, but not the time, to explore our full potential. We would like to offer our space to you, in order to free up some of our time, to persue our full potential.

In other words, we have a stunning space that we want to share with like minded people, looking for the balance between work and freedom, to pursue their passions.

We have taken the hassel of opening a food business out of opening a food business. We offer you a vital components, for a successful food business. One of which, is a destination venue.

With us, you have no expensive start up costs.

The venue is ready.

No endless hours on the phone trying to determine and understand necessary regulations to ensure compliancy. Some of which include waste disposal, environmental health, pest control, insurance, utilities, telecoms. No lengthy lease negotiations,  no long term contracts.

We have done it all.

And because we know how hard it is to get your small food business off the ground, we also offer a comprehensive social media marketing package with help in graphic design and branding.