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Our story

Plant the Seed was born during the first summer of the pandemic. We had both lost our jobs and everyone was locked down at home so we decided to hop on our bikes and start a vegan sourdough sandwich delivery service! Life was feeling pretty strange and scary so what better time to spread some joy - who doesn't love a good sandwich? - whilst celebrating the benefits of eating small, local and plant-based.


After six months as a delivery service that just kept getting more and more popular, we packed up our bags, moved to the coast and traded our bikes for a market stall. And that's how it all began! We now have three menus - including our vegan fried egg baps - and we take them around the South East at different street food markets, events and popups. During the week, we also stock sandwiches at local cafes and we have a permanent residency at a smoothie shop where we live in Hastings. 


We believe food is one of life's biggest joys and should be just that - no cruelty, no harm, just really good sandwiches!"


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