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Are you looking to get off the road after the long festival season?

Want to see how your festival specialty translates into a restaurant concept?

Have you created a new recipe and instead of showing people how to do it, you want to invite a few of your most ardent supporters down to actually try your new delicious creation.

Suitable Candidates:

Have a food hygiene certificate. Minimum level 2.

Have a menu that requires energy efficient cooking methods

Have a Vegan or vegetarian based menu. Meat dishes may be considered further along in the process.

Have the capacity and be compliant in cooking off premises and then serving at the restaurant.

Be willing to contribute to the digital marketing process with high quality photographs and video. This service can be supplied if necessary

How it works

  1. Providing a brick and mortar presence on a very busy thoroughfare in central Brighton. 

  2. Combined exposure of several concepts working together to promote a central space. This should expand your reach to audiences you may not have had previous access to.

  3. An air of exclusivity. You are only made available in this setting 1 day per week.

  4. A shared 30 – 40 cover space that is exclusively yours, for 1 evening per week lowers costs and increases revenue. Being able to turn over 60 covers at an average spend of 15.00 per head could result in a 500.00 payout for the hosting chef/concept.

  5. Increases your marketing presence as you will work closely with our marketing department to determine the best way to market your brand.